Land Records is an authorized online portal of State of Madhya Pradesh for maintaining Land Records (both textual and map).

It provides online facilities to public for multiple service such as

(1) Search Land Records

(2) Certified Copy of Land Records (Khasra, Khatauni, Map)

(3) Certified Copy of Scanned Records from Record Room,

(4) Certified Copy of Revenue Court Order,

(5) Payment of Land Revenue,

(6) Land Use Diversion Application,

(7) Cases in Civil Court on land,

(8) Details of Bail on Land,

(9) Bank can apply for update of Land Records for Mortgage and Hypothecation. The citizen can receive digitally certified copy from the portal.

“Land Records information are updated online on real-time basis. Public is not required to visit any office in-person to avail above service.”