About District

Sidhi District is one of the tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh state of India. The town of Sidhi is the district headquarter. The district is part of Rewa Division.

Sidhi District is a reflection of proud history of the state of Madhya Pradesh, it makes the North-eastern boundary of the state. Sidhi district is a repository of natural, historical and cultural history. This district is Known for luxuriant natural resources with the river Son draining the district.

On one side the spectrum of its floristic socio-cultural diversity and ethnic history of tribal, the district has a panoramic view of the Kaimur, Kehejua and Ranimunda hills blazing with flowers of flame of forest and intoxicated by the sweet smell of Mahua flowers.


This is the birthplace of Birbal. Located in the area is the Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve and National Park which tells the magnificence of the Lions here. There is also a RESORT- Parsili.


Sidhi district comprises 7 tehsils: Bahari, Churhat, Gopad Banas, Rampur Naikin, Majhauli, Kusmi and Sihawal. There are four Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha constituencies in this district namely  Churhat, Sidhi, Sihawal and Dhauhani. All of these are part of Sidhi-11 Lok Sabha constituency.